AITC terms Charles, George quitting party as fake news

Shillong, Dec 26: AITC Meghalaya has termed the newly joined TMC leaders, Charles Pyngrope and George Lyngdoh, leaving the party ahead of Meghalaya Assembly polls, as fake news.

A social media post under the banner Shillong Scroll had mentioned about the probable exit of  Charles and George while referring to some leaders deserting TMC in Goa there ahead of Assembly polls in that state early part of next year.

The social media post

The  five Goa leaders, who left the party after associating with it for three months, had alleged that the TMC is dividing the people in communal line which however was denied by TMC.

Regarding Charles and George, the AITC Meghalaya tweeted, “We strongly condemn the divisive propaganda unleashed to halt our progress.Such tactics only increase our strength & resilience to fight on. We are proud of our exemplary leaders’ commitment to furthering development in Meghalaya. Urging everyone to avoid spreading misinformation, the AITC pointed out that on Christmas day, the facebook post claimed on the basis of rumours  that AITC leaders Charles  and George will quit the party. “This page which describes themselves to be a media agency but yet posted unverified news. In addition, it said that the Trinamool Congress will never understand the people of Meghalaya”, the AITC said.

According to the AITC, It is shameful that the divisive propaganda machinery is unleashed on Christmas to create an air of mistrust among the people against AITC. The All India Trinamool Congress stands for development of the people of Meghalaya and it will not leave any stone unturned for that”, it added.

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