AL Hek did not want government formation by NPP: Mukul

Shillong, May 10: TMC leader Mukul Sangma said the BJP member AL Hek had requested him to ensure that the NPP-led MDA government does not form the government again in the state.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Mukul said he had tea with Hek on March 3, a day after the 2023 election results were declared but there was no discussion on joining the BJP.


“AL Hek is a very good friend of mine. We have worked together for a very long time. He was in Congress while we were in Congress. He was in the council of ministers when I was the CM. So you have seen this long association and the good thing is that he wanted to meet me on March 3 morning, so we had tea and we congratulated each other but he was in a hurry to go to his meeting but he told me one thing that he was not happy with the outcome of the whole election results obviously because BJP also went hammer and tongs to see that they win as many seats as available”, Mukul said.

“That’s the time when I met him but he didn’t say that I should join BJP or anything. He only said that please do something to see that this government doesn’t come back,” Mukul  said.

Mukul said on March 3 they tried to come together, but it is a different thing that they could not give fruition to their whole collective effort.

The TMC leader asserted that the party will ensure that the interest of the state is protected.

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