‘All India permit for vehicles optional’

Govt allows three-state permit

Shillong, Feb 18: The transport minister, Dasakhiatbha Lamare said on Friday that three-state permits are allowed for tourist vehicles in the state.

He said option is also given to those who want to avail all India permits .


Earlier in the day, a delegation of Hynniewtrep  Integrated Territorial Organisation (HITO) took up the matter with the minister and submitted a letter.

The organisation sought a clarity on rules 82 to 85A of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 and also the tourist permit of different classes of vehicles in Meghalaya.

As noted for the last few years, tourist vehicle operators are compelled to pay fees for all Indian permits as the government disallowed them to have their own choice as it was done before according to their capacity, the HITO said.

According to HITO, it was also noted that letter No. RT-11053/1/92-MVL (Vol. II) had granted the tourist vehicle operators to apply for permit according to their wish and there are no rules for compulsory all India permits.

“The letter no. STA/3155/2019/2 dated Shillong the 11 September 2019 states that the fees for stage carriage light passenger vehicles is Rs 1500 for five years”, the HITO said.

The organisation pointed out that the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had indicated that there are no parameters in the VAHAN database to capture whether the vehicle is AC fitted or not, ‘if and only the tourist vehicle operators wish to apply for all India permit, then the RTO will endorse on the portal for verification, whereas it was witnessed that currently, all tourist vehicles are not allowed to apply for¬† 2 or 3 states’ permit and are bound to apply for all India permit by the concerned authority’.

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