All is not well with border deal

Shillong, March 29: The border deal signed by the chief ministers of both Assam and Meghalaya on Tuesday is not free from criticism with both the pressure groups and the Opposition stating that proper consultation with the stakeholders was lacking.

The Opposition had warned the government to go slow on the matter as it is a sensitive issue.


The Opposition MLA Zenith Sangma (in picture ) on Tuesday visited the disputed areas of Pillangata, Maikuli, Barapathar and Lonkuli and found that the people were not taken into confidence.

The pressure groups, HYC and HNYF have already opposed the deal.

The HNYF president Sadon Blah said the organisation will be compelled to take other means to pressurize the state government to keep the MoU in abeyance as without taking the will of the people into the consideration, it is totally unacceptable. He also cited that the Hima Mylliem had expressed strong opposition against the governmentโ€™s decision to sign the MoU.

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