All Mankin Chra Association observes foundation day

Shillong, Sep 24: The All Mankin Chra Association observed its Foundation Day on September 23 at its head Quarter Tura.

Rakkan M Sangma, the president, All Mankin Chra Association said the purpose of forming the Chra body is to organise and train young generation to perform the customary usages . The Chra is the nearest and important male relative of a Garo lady. It consists of Woman’s maternal uncles, elder and younger brothers and sons. The Garos follow a matrilineal system where inheritance is reserved for a Nokkrom (Heiress) yet it is the Chra who has to settle the matters relating to disputes and controversies amongst the family.


It is the duty of the Chra to initiate the engagement (marriage negotiation) for her sisters/niece and follow up the matter to materialise the same. It is the Chra who has to lead the Clan in all matters as per Garo customs. They are like the opening batsman in a cricket game who has to face the pressure and hardships for the team.

The Mankin Chra Association will be a platform for learning the customs and grooming the youth for the future of the clan.

The Mankin Chra delegates from North Garo Hills, South Garo Hills, East, West and South West Garo Hills attended the event.

SG Momin Retd. IPS officer and Chief of grand Council of Nokmas graced the occasion as the chief guest .

He highlighted the importance of Chra male , its relevance and powers in Garo society.  Other guests who spoke were Brenzield Ch Mara, president of Chambugong Chra Association, Hiracliush M Sangma, president of Manda Chra Association, Chaseng D Sangma, president of All Garo Hills Dawa Mahari Association .

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