Another report & no clear decision on ILP

Union minister has no clear answer on ILP implementation

Shillong, Aug 13: Many central ministers come to the North East and submit their reports to the central government and Union Minister of Tribal Affairs Bishweswar Tudu on Saturday promised to do the same to resolve the problem of inner line permit (ILP).

Tudu assured to take up with the Centre the long-pending demands of the tribal populace to implement ILP and include Khasi and Garo languages in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution.


“Many (central) ministers are coming to the North East region and they are giving reports to the central government from time to time. So, I will also give a report and I will discuss these are the issues and what action we can take to solve the matter,” Tudu told reporters when asked about influx of ‘outsiders’ and the locals’ insecurity.

On the Centre’s dilly-dally on the state’s resolution on ILP, Tudu said, “Next time, when I come, I can give you a proper answer and maybe I will communicate to our party leaders and I can also give the suggestion to the government (on this matter).”

The MoS also assured to take up the pending demand for inclusion of the Khasi and Garo languages in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution.

With regards to the demand for declaring the Niam Khasi and Niamtre indigenous religious faiths as ‘religious minority’, Tudu said he did not receive any representation on the matter.

At the same time, he mentioned that a survey has to be conducted on the matter seeking religious minority status as per guidelines.

“There is a procedure as the proposal will go from the state government to the central government and central government will examine and if the criteria will be fulfilled automatically they will be given the opportunity,” he said.

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