Avner first candidate to release audit report of campaign expenses

Shillong, Nov 21: MLA candidate from East Shillong Avner Pariat has released the audit report of his campaign funding. He is the first candidate to make public his campaign audit report.

Pariat is depending on crowdfunding for the campaign. New Dawn, the newly formed organisation that he is representing, had pledged Rs 2 lakh and received Rs 1.46 lakh. Of the amount received, Rs 1.03 lakh was spent on printing, Rs 12,000 on information dissemination, Rs 28,000 on volunteer honorarium, and Rs 2,000 on one-time payment for training assistance.


“Actual bank statements can be viewed upon request via the New Dawn Meghalaya (NDM) website or email though we will have to protect the names of our donors for their own security and privacy,” a statement released by New Dawn said.

“Most of our funding comes from small donors… and we are thankful for this because it means we are not controlled by vested interests. With your continuing support, we aim to show that elections can and should always be fought with fairness and transparency. We hope everyone who sees and reads this press release would be encouraged to join us,” the statement added.

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