BJP will not withdraw from MDA: Sanbor

Shillong, Sept 7: BJP MLA Sanbor Shullai has clarified that the BJP will not withdraw from the government and will complete its stipulated term.

BJP central leader in-charge Meghalaya Chuba Ao had claimed that the BJP MLAs  Shulluai and AL Hek are on board to withdraw support to the MDA government.


In a statement issued on Wednesday, Shullai said he endorsed the view of the general secretary of South Shillong, Bipen Pradhan that withdrawing from the coalition at this time will backfire, as the timing of doing so will create a wrong image among the masses and “what if we have to align with¬† the same coalition partners post 2023”.

“So considering the gravity of the situation, the BJP MLA requests all leaders to refrain from issuing public statements which could hamper relations with other allies. We should rather focus on the wisdom shared by Shri B.L Santhosh, National General Secretary Organisation who advised us to focus on winning more seats and increasing vote share. The BJP is gaining momentum and is targeting to win in double digits this time. We are preparing to give a tough fight to our opponents this time and that the BJP will make more inroads in the state. The BJP should not be taken lightly hereafter”, he added.

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