Cabinet approves CM’s solar mission

Shillong, June 6: The cabinet on Tuesday approved the Chief Minister’s Solar Mission (CMSM) which proposes to incorporate sustainable green energy in Meghalaya.

“Government will subsidise certain percentage of the scheme to different house units in rural and urban areas and institutional units through the scheme. CMSM entails power systems with solar hybrid technology wherein photovoltaic cells, an inverter and battery backup will be provided to households and institutions availing the scheme. This will allow some sort of stability in power in the long run”, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma told reporters after the cabinet meeting.


Directorate of Forensic Science

The cabinet also approved the creation of the Directorate of Forensic Science.

Earlier, there was a Forensic Science Cell that worked under the Meghalaya police headquarters. As mandated by the Human Rights Commission, the creation of the Directorate will make it independent of the Police Headquarters and come directly under the Home Department, the chief minister said

Public service delivery commission

Cabinet approved the proposal to include the Secretary of the Meghalaya State Public Service Delivery Commission in the list of Heads of Departments under Rules FRs & SRs, 1984 to ensure that the Secretary has the necessary powers to discharge his/her duties.

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