Cabinet hikes liquor price

Shillong, May 25: The cabinet on Wednesday hiked the price of liquor with the re-classification of IMFL brands to increase the revenue by Rs 25 crore.
Chief Minister Conrad Sangma told reporters after the cabinet meeting that the government has decided that there will be re-classification of categories of brands for IMFL through amendments of ad valorem, MVAT on liquor and Rule 44 (10) of the Meghalaya Bonded Warehouse Rules etc.
“This was after the rates in neighbouring states have changed in the past few months, he said.
The chief minister added that in the interest of ensuring that the state get more revenue, the government has re-classified the brands and also increased the price.
He said depending on the brand, the price will go up between 3-4 % and some brands upto 8-9%.
The chief minister said most of the brands will be affected.

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