Central Puja Committee to observe Ram temple event; NEHUSU opposes holiday

Shillong, Jan 21: The Central Puja Committee (CPC) has made arrangements to observe the Ram Mandir inauguration in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, on Monday.

However, NEHUSU has condemned  declaring a holiday at NEHU on the occasion.


In a statement, the general secretary of Central Puja Committee, JL Das urged the managements of all Puja/Mandir Committees, Hindu institutions and Hindu believers of Meghalaya to observe the auspicious occasion  by organising various programmes  especially at the time of ‘Pran Prathista of Shree Shree RAM MANDIR’ and in the evening all the management of Madirs/Hindu institutions including individual households of Meghalaya can Illuminate their respective Mandirs/houses by lighting earthen  lamps(diya), mombati and others.

The CPC, Meghalaya has decided to observe the Day by lighting earthen lamps and mombati and others between 4 pm to 6 pm at Immersion Ghat Polo, Shillong.

The NEHUSU condemned the recent notification (F.No. 19-1/admn/2022-/658) from the office of Vice-Chancellor which has declared a half day university holiday on the occasion of inauguration of Ram temple in Ayodhya.

“The constitution of this country conspicuously declares this country to be a Secular Republic. Which means that there shall be no religion or religious inclination of the State Government, Public offices and Public institutions which include educational institutions”, the NEHUSU said.

According to NEHUSU, the event Is neither undertaken by the government nor should it be undertaken by the government for the government of India must not involve itself in the promotion of any particular religion. Hence, this declaration of holiday for the occasion is nothing but a direct assault on the secular ethos of public educational institutions like NEHU and the Constitution itself. One must also not forget the decades of hate campaigns, communal violence and politics of bloodshed that has occurred in the name of construction of this temple.

Therefore, NEHUSU said it staunchly commits itself in resisting the communalisation of university campuses like that of NEHU and the country as a whole. “It refuses to accept such unconstitutional and communal acts by the university administration. NEHUSU demands immediate withdrawal of the above-mentioned notification by the office of Vice Chancellor. It also humbly appeals to the Office of Vice-Chancellor to restrain itself from acting like a comprador to the communal agendas of the Central Government. If the Notice is not withdrawn and University Offices are found to be closed on Monday (22.01.24), the student community will have to enforce a university lock-down and not let any offices to function until stringent actions are taken against those responsible for violating the secular ethos of the university”, the student body said.

“NEHUSU wants to make it clear that it is not in favour or against any religion or religious beliefs of any kind but it shall not tolerate the imposition of any particular religion on the university by the administration.Long Live Secularism! Down with Communalism”, said the general secretary, NEHUSU Banpynbiang Riang

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