‘Check gates ATMs of UDP & NPP’

Shillong,Oct 20: The MPCC chief, Vincent Pala said check gates and camps set up by the government are ATMs for the ruling NPP-UDP combine.

“The camps set up for screening people for Covid-19 have been turned into ATMs of the ruling NPP and its main ally, the UDP and if you go from Shillong to Jowai,  you will see lots of small gates, police check gates, forest check gates – all those are ATMs for them to spend during the elections,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

According to Pala, people used to say that Congress is corrupt but for the last three and a half years or four years people know who is corrupt and not a single scandal was there when the Congress was in power.

“But today you see corruption is everywhere be it on the roadside, be in the offices,” he added.
He said there is a lot of difference how the Congress ruled the state and the governance by the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government.
Pala said the people will definitely compare and such issues will be taken up during the election campaigns for the upcoming byelections to the three Assembly seats – Mawryngkneng, Mawphlang and Rajabala.
Pala claimed that the Congress was doing very well in terms of maintaining law and order as everything was under control but now the lawlessness is happening everywhere and the people are fed up with the NPP-led government.
Pala said the party would also take up issues related to the plight of the farmers especially during Covid-19 pandemic.
“Mawsynram MLA HM Shangpliang is taking up the issue of the farmers. We have divided our works among different leaders. Therefore, there is a lot of difference between the Congress time and the present government,” he said.
“I went to so many places and people are saying that they are fed up with the present government. They say we are with the Congress but the Congress has to only give us good leaders and have to reach to us,”he added.

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