Chuba Ao needs some training in politics: Prestone

Shillong, Nov 22: Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong on Monday said the BJP in-charge Meghalaya Chuba Ao needs some training in politics.

This was his response to the statement made by Ao that the regional parties with national outlook go to Delhi with a begging bowl.


“Mr Ao is too young in politics. He needs some training because a person of his stature is talking that way. I think that is nonsense and illogical,” Tynsong said.

According to Tynsong, the statement by Ao is highly regrettable since he too belongs to the North East region.

He said whether it is BJP or Congress led government at the Centre, the states are bound to go to the central government.

“It doesn’t mean that if you have BJP government here or like Assam (which is a BJP ruled state) are you trying to say that they don’t need to go to Delhi or what? They have to go to Delhi. Dr Himanta Biswa has to go to Delhi and then push for developmental grants.”

To a question whether he sees the BJP playing the role of an opposition more than a coalition partner, Tynsong said, “I don’t say BJP, for me I talk to the person concerned. Maybe it is his own opinion, Mr Ao when he talked about it I think he forgets himself that he was a leader of the BJP but that should not be the way to make a statement.”

In response to the allegation of state party president Ernest Mawrie that the government has not done justice to many central schemes, Tynsong asked the BJP leader to specifically pin point which are the central schemes where the state is lacking in terms of implementation.

“As I said to you right now, if you talked about this NREGA, we are the best performing state now throughout India. And you talked about JJM, we are doing well. You talked about PMGSY, construction of roads, we are doing more than what the central government expected,” he claimed.

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