Church body against uniform civil code

Shillong, July 14: The Khasi Jaintia Church Leaders’ Forum (KJCLF) has opposed uniform civil code by stating that this will lead to the eradication of the matrilineal system in Meghalaya.

In a statement issued, the secretary of the Forum Dr Edwin H Kharkongor said all community and religious traditions have their own codes of accepted and established practices concerning, marriage, divorce, property managements, inheritance and so on, while some communities have different variations within one tradition.


“Therefore it is not possible to enforce one uniform civil code panning across this wealth of accepted and established practices across the country,” Kharkongor said.

“In specific societies like that of the Khasis of Meghalaya, it will be a danger to the very existence of the Khasi people, their lineage and customs as the enforcement of the uniform civil code will result in the outrageous and unacceptable eradication of the matrilineal custom of lineage unique to the Khasi people,” he said.

Kharkongor added that the country is now in pressing need of programmes in community building and fraternal relationships at different levels and among its differing citizenry.

The country is now in crucial need for practicable implementations of programmes that will break the existing economic and social barriers and the promotion of peace and justice, he said.

“It would suffice, for the moment to go with what the 21st Law Commission of India earlier stated that a uniform civil code (UCC) iis neither necessary nor desirable at this stage”,” he said

According to Kharkongor, to proceed with the agenda for the UCC against the wishes of a great number of citizens in the country would just go to show the arrogance and unmindfulness of the government in office.

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