City NGO reaches out to the poor, spreads green message

Shillong, June 11: Project Clean Surroundings, a city-based NGO, has expanded its reach beyond environment protection to help the poor in the time of Covid-19 pandemic.

Jefferson Kynjing and his team of Project Clean Surroundings on Friday reached out to families in the city and Ri Bhoi which were struggling to survive amid the lockdown.


The NGO helped 21 families, an orphanage and three individuals in Umsning, Umbir, Barapani, Nongrah and Mawkasiang with essentials and cash to help them cope with the pandemic-induced lockdown.

“Apart from the families, we reached out to three individuals who were suffering owing to the lockdown. Among them was a tailor whom I know and who is out of work now. There were two youngsters too whose parents are daily wage earners and are struggling to support their children,” Kynjing said.

Among the 21 families, seven are directly affected by Covid-19. “These families lost their bread-earners to the virus,” Kynjing said, adding that the NGO approached the families through respective headmen.

The NGO also visited an orphanage in Umsning that supports over 25 children.

The message of clean and green environment was also upheld as the NGO gave a sapling to each family and individual.

Project Clean Surroundings has been working in the city and on the outskirts for months now to eradicate the problem of plastic waste.

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