CLP leader says court to decide on NPP MLA in Lokayukta case

Concern over Meghalaya's poor rankings, border issue

Shillong, Aug 6: Leader of Opposition Ronnie V Lyngdoh said the law will take its own course regarding the.case of NPP MLA  Sanjay Sangma who was charge sheeted along with 12 others in a GHADC scam case.
Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Ronnie said the the case was before Sanjay became the MLA

“You should remember that this was before he was elected MLA. I think it was mentioned when he was the contractor. Of course, he is an MLA now, so let the due process of law tale its course”, he said.

When asked whether the Opposition will take up the matter with the Speaker, the CLP leader said, “I think that is for the law enforcing authority to do that it is not our job. It is for the Lokayukta, it is for the law enforcing authority to approach the Speaker. What has to be done, the Speaker will do the needful.”


“The court is there. Due process of law should be followed. Until he is proven guilty, the person is innocent. If charge-sheeted, now the legal system as I said we are happy and we are proud that the legal system in India is still perfect where people can look up to the court for justice,” he said.

Poor state tag a wake up call 

Commenting on the adverse ranking of Meghalaya interms of poverty and smart city, Ronnie said it is a wake up call to all policy makers in the state.

“All 60 of us have to put our heads together be it ruling or opposition side, come up with proper policies and programmes to uplift the quality of life of the people specially in the rural areas”, he said.

Cong to move Centre on border issue 

Ronnie said the party will move the Centre besides Assam and Meghalaya governments so that the border residents can live in peace.

“We will take up with the Centre, Assam goverment and Meghalaya government to ensure people living in the border are safe and secure and that they should not be fearful of their lives and property,” Ronnie said.

The response was to the question on  harassment against Khasi-Pnar settlers at Block-I area by the United People’s Front of Karbi Longri (UPFKL)

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