CM denies giving any order to eliminate Bernard

Shillong, July 26: Chief Minister Conrad  Sangma has denied issuing any order to gun down the BJP leader and Tura MDC Bernard N Marak and added that the action taken by the police was based on evidence.

“To answer to your question very bluntly, there is no question of me ever giving any kind of order in that manner,” Sangma said in response to a query on Marak’s allegation that a special order was issued by the CM to gun him down.


The chief minister also maintained that he has not interfered in the police investigation after complaints received from the society about the illegal activities at the private farm house of the accused MDC.

“From day one whatever has happened has happened as per procedures, has happened as per the law and has happened as per evidence. They have followed all of this purely from a policing point of view and law point of view and that at no given time had there been any interference or any kind of suggestion from my side on what should or what should not be done regarding this particular operation that was done,” he said.

After being informed about the operation, Sangma said he had told the officials to make sure that the law and the procedure is followed and whatever action is taken it should be evidence based.

As many as 73 persons have been arrested and five minors were rescued during the police raid which led to busting a sex racket at the Rimpu Bagan. This came after an FIR was filed on February 28, where a minor was allegedly sexually assaulted at the  private farm house.

Regarding the allegation that the BJP has become a threat to the NPP, the chief minister said, “Election will be election and whatever has to happen will happen. I don’t think there is any need for anybody to connect that dot with this dot because as I said this has been based on large number of complaints that have come from the society at large including the public, villagers, as well as NGOs.”

“Well the final aspect of statements of individuals who were sexually assaulted multiple times in the premises, when those statements came out the police started doing their job and that also long time back they started monitoring things so that they were able to gather enough materials to be able to do what they had to do. Even in those moments, I never had any intention to intervene or influence the case in any way”, he said.

On the allegation that the police raid was “staged”, the chief minister said, “If you look at the evidence I don’t think it would require too much of thought and come to a conclusion of what is going on inside because the evidence that was found and the kinds of activities that was going on and the kind of statements that are coming out now from individuals is clearly reflecting that definitely there was something fishy going on inside.”

He said the police raid has nothing to do with politics.

“This has nothing to do with candidature or any individual contesting against anybody this is purely on the basis of what was going wrong inside there purely on the basis of evidence and statements given by the people and also purely on the basis of complaints that have come in”.

“I would appeal to all political leaders that in a situation like this we must understand what is happening and try to do what is correct and these kinds of activities are something that will ultimately affect our youth of the state. So one has to realise that and be responsible in whatever position you are, to realise that these kinds of things cannot go on and that there is enough proof to show that activities which were not right were going on out there,” he added.

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