Conrad calls George a liar, differs on border talks consultations

Shillong, Sept 12: Chief Minister Conrad Sangma on Monday called Trinamool Congress MLA George Lyngdoh a liar when the latter accused the government of not involving all stakeholders in the first phase of the border talks.

Sangma, while chiding Lyngdoh for misleading the House, said the government did consult all stakeholders, including MDCs and MLAs, during the first phase of the border talks. “The question was about the second phase and I do not have the list of meetings for the first immediately. But I will provide all details,” he added..


To this, Lyngdoh questioned the process of the talks saying, “There were complaints that inspection of fish ponds was done at night. And we wanted to know who were called at public hearings,” he added.

In defence, the chief minister said the teams were tirelessly visiting all sites and several visits were made to each disputed site. “Please do not make this a political issue. It is a complex issue and will take time. There was no solution in the past. We are trying to resolve the issue. The solution may not be pleasing yo all but it will be for greater good.”

To a question on the second phase of border talks, the chief minister assured consultations with the stakeholders.

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