Corruption at all levels under MDA regime: Pala

Shillong, Sept 18: Shillong MP and  Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president Vincent Pala has pointed out corruption at all levels under the MDA regime.

He also said the Home department is the most corrupt and added that there is illegal collection of money on the highways.


According to Pala, he was recently in Umkiang East Jaintia Hills district and noticed that trucks carrying betel nuts and leaves have to pay Rs. 20, 000 per truck, trucks carrying coal  Rs. 1.5 lakh, and vehicles carrying sand Rs. 10, 000 per truck.

He added that trucks carrying limestone have to pay  Rs 20, 000 per truck and even vehicles carrying charcoal have to pay Rs 2,000.

“There is corruption and looting of the public wherever we see,” he said.

Dome collapse 

Pala alleged that the collapse of the dome of the Assembly building is due to the failure of the government.

“The Speaker did not take any responsibility and the dome collapsed because the government wanted to inaugurate the Assembly building before time,” he said.

The MPCC chief said most of the people in the government do not understand the technicality and the engineering and hence they have to depend on the corrupt officials.

The government tried to force the contractors to complete before time, and hence the pressure on them was so high.

“Corruption does not end only in the dome, in the jailbreak or in the killing of  Cherishtarfield. Corruption is now in the street, government servants did not get their increment, health  workers did not get their salary. There is no end to corruption,” Pala asserted.

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