Farm laws will be repealed: Modi

New Delhi, Nov 19 (UNI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday announced the decision to repeal the controversial three farm laws and expressed regret that the government could not make a section of farmers understand the importance of the new laws.

On Gurupurab, Modi announced that the laws would be repealed in the upcoming winter session of Parliament and urged the farmers who are camping at the borders of Delhi to go back home.


“We have decided to repeal three farm laws. We will finish the process to repeal the law in upcoming Parliament session,” Modi said, adding,¬†“I appeal to all farmers, go back to your families, let’s make a new start.”

The Prime Minister said government could not make a section of farmers understand.

“I want to say, there might have been some shortcoming on our behalf, we could not make some farmers understand. However, on the occasion of Parkash Parv and we are not blaming anyone,” he said.

Farmers have been camping at the border of Delhi since November 2020, protesting against the three farm laws.

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