Four MLAs to leave party: AITC leader

Shillong, May 17: Opposition Leader Mukul Sangma said four AITC MLAs are set to leave the party.

Though Mukul did not name them, sources said that Marthon Sangma and Jimmy Sangma are set to leave the party while HM Shangpliang and Shitlang Pale are also contemplating to do so.


Speaking to reporters on Monday, Mukul said the AITC had already asked two of the twelve legislators to improve their positions ahead of the 2023 Assembly polls.

“Friends, who will not have the capacity to overcome the heavy burden of the anti-incumbency that they have now as they go back to the electoral battle, we are requesting them to improve their positions, Mukul said.

“There is some constructive engagement at our level. We are indicating that your position, if not improved, will also have an alternative to pave the way for someone who is willing to be available as a potential elected representative who has a high level of commitment to serve the people,” he added.

Therefore, people in their constituencies themselves know who is going to leave so there is no need of misinformation or disinformation,” he said.

“Misinformation or disinformation attempted by none other than the NPP national president is indicative of his fear that there are plenty of  people at the grassroot who are joining the Trinamool Congress on a daily basis”, he said.

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