Garoland committee wants a patriot to lead movement

Shillong, Oct 19: The Garoland State Movement Committee (GSMC) spokesperson Ryan Ch Marak advocated the need of a true patriot from among the political leaders to carry forward the demand for a separate Garoland.

 “The Garos of Garoland need to be governed, developed and other supplements, be made by its own people,” Marak said in a statement.


Marak said as far as the different regions of Garoland (Achik Asong) are concerned, the hardships faced by the community can be seen since they are not getting a separate Garoland state.

“We, the GSMC, neither say the need of a support nor don’t want the support of the BJP.  The Garoland needs a true patriot from among the political leaders,” he said.

He said the Garo community since time immemorial has been aspiring for a separate state because of various issues at different levels. Marak said after the liberation from Assam, those who fought for Garoland state were Achik Liberation Matgrik Army (ALMA), for Greater Garoland, the pressure group Garo Student’s Union (GSU), and from among the political party, the Garo National Council (GNC). Then came the Matgriks who took up arms for Garoland such as Achik National Volunteer Council (ANVC) and the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA), Marak said.

He said the present body, representing the Garo community and fighting tooth and nail for the separate state based on the Constitution of India under the State Re-organisation Act 1956, is the Garoland State Movement Committee (GSMC).

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