GH BJP seeks apology from NPP MLA Sanjay Sangma

'NPP switched off BJP candidate'

Shillong, Apr 3: The vice president of BJP, Bernard Marak has sought apology from NPP MLA Sanjay Sangma for his comments that the party switched off the BJP candidate.

Bernard wrote a letter to Chief Minister Conrad Sangma in this regard.


Full text of the letter 


Shri Conrad Sangma.
Honourable Chief Minister,
Government of Meghalaya.

I would like to bring to your notice that BJP has considered NPP as a coalition partner and have always supported NPP in the past many years during the Lok Sabha elections. BJP also honoured the direction of the Centre Leaders to extend support in the Lok Sabha election by not fielding a candidate but a discrimination towards the BJP supporters through a speech delivered by Sanjay A Sangma, MLA of Mahendraganj in a meeting where you were also present gravely hurt the sentiments of the BJP supporters especially those belonging to the Hindu community of Garo Hills. BJP karyakartas obeyed the direction of the High Command but the reason why the BJP candidate was not fielded came to fore only when Sanjay Sangma publicly claimed that they (NPP) switched off the BJP candidate. This was revealed in one of the meetings that the fielding of the BJP candidate was “Switched off” by NPP which was discriminating and humuliating against the BJP supporters. Mahendraganj MLA Sanjay A. Sangma defamed the Koch, Hajong and other non-tribals belonging to a Hindu community claiming that they have nowhere to vote because the NPP has switched off the BJP candidate. He tried to impress the crowd that BJP is controlled by NPP in Garo Hills. This speech by Mahendraganj MLA Sanjay A Sangma at Nandichar where you were also present in the last week of March has gravely hurt the sentiments of the Hindu Communities in particular and the BJP supporters in general. BJP supporters should have been honoured because NPP is part of BJP (NDA) not not the other way round. Our leaders from South West Garo Hills met Sanjay Sangma and requested him to refrain from such discriminating speech but he refused to acknowledge the fact that the sentiments of the hindu communities were hurt. He continued his speech on a negative note against the BJP where he also mentioned that the Koch, Hajong and non tribal hindu communities have nowhere to go because NPP have switched off the BJP candidate. Therefore, on the request of the BJP supporters and the hindu communities as a whole, I am requesting that, Sanjay A Sangma should apologise. His apology is a must so that those whose sentiments are hurt could be convinced to support NPP. He should also refrain from delivering discriminating speeches such as this against the BJP supporters and those belonging to the Hindu community in particular.
Thank you,
Sincerely yours,
Bernard N Marak,
State Vice President
MDC Tura.

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