Govt rules out probe, wants to rectify ISBT lapse

Shillong,May 19: Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong has ruled out any inquiry into the shoddy construction of the Inter-State Bus Terminus (ISBT) at Mawlai Mawiong by saying that the government is ready to reconstruct it.

In response to the demand for an inquiry into the lapse, Tynsong said,“No need to talk about inquiry but we need to talk about how to improve it  or if need be repair it or if need be reconstruct it.”


To a question on punishment to contractors, he said, “If there is any mistake, officers who are looking after the project I think they need to be punished. As layman how do we know? I am not a technical expert, that is why we kept them to supervise the work,” Tynsong said.

Mawlai bypass bridge 

Tynsong said the repairing of the bridge along the Mawlai bypass will take a week to complete.

There was damage to the bridge due to heavy rainfall, he said.

The deputy chief minister said, “The bridge is perfect but the superstructure has been affected due to heavy rainfall. I have given instruction to the chief engineer and the engineers to do the needful. If it is raining, repairing may take up to one week’s time.”

Overloading of trucks

Tynsong said specification of the national highways is to cope with the loads carried by the vehicles.

The Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma had alleged that the government has intentionally decided not to implement the Motor Vehicles Act in order to allow overloading by trucks.

“The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had a meeting where a double axel can carry up to 80 to 90 tons. Since the manufacturing company is making such vehicles, we cannot stop them from plying on the road. If you talked about the national highways, the specification is to cope up even if the weight is 70 or 80 tons,” Tynsong said.

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