Govt seeks report from company on PA Sangma stadium wall collapse

Shillong, June 2:  The state government  has sought a report from the company following the collapse of the wall of PA Sangma stadium.



In a statement issued on Sunday, the goverment said that a portion of the PA Sangma Sports Complex outer boundary wall near the Sewage Treatment Plant and Indoor Hall 2 which are presently under construction collapsed in the early morning hours of June 2. The collapse of the wall has not impacted the main structure of the stadium at all.

“The company Hindustan Steelworks  Construction Ltd. (HSCL), responsible for the construction of the entire sports complex, has been directed to submit a detailed report on the incident”, the statement said.

“The heavy rainfall resulted in a water catastrophe that subdued the provisional drainage systems that had been put up. The systems had been erected to regulate water collection, sanitation, and discharge from the STP tank, Indoor Hall 1, Indoor Hall 2, and the complex. However, because the construction of these amenities is still ongoing, the permanent drainage solutions are yet to be fitted. It here gave an outlet to the water for a short distance, then choked by the rain, after that the wall fell over”, the government claimed.

The collapsed wall was constructed as a temporary measure to demarcate and prevent possible encroachment of the land. Other constructions in that location is underway, and further updates will be provided after this office receives the report from the construction company, the office of CM said in the statement.

The District Administration, West Garo Hills has undertaken immediate measures to ensure safety of residents in the surrounding area. “A family affected by the collapse has been relocated and provided with temporary relief measures including suitable accommodation, supplies, and all necessary amenities. Further, the area has been secured and continuous on-ground monitoring of the situation is in progress. PHE are on site to support with the clearance of clogged pipes, and removal of mud/debris is underway”, the statement added.

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