House says no to resolution against amended forest bill

Shillong, Sep 21: Chief Minister Conrad Sangma justified the Forest (Conservation) Amendment Bill, 2023 and rejected the request of the VPP member Adelbert Nongrum to pass a resolution against the bill in the House.

While the concern of Nongrum was that  forest clearance is not required for projects to be executed under 100 km from the border, the chief minister said other clearances will have to be taken even though the forest clearance is not required.


However, Nongrum refused to withdraw the resolution.

If Mizoram and Nagaland can pass a resolution against the amended forest act , why can’t we pass a resolution too”, he said.

According to the chief minister, the amended act gives full power to the government on matters related to forest management.

“As per the new definition, forest is defined under Indian Forest Act or defined by any other law”, Conrad said.

However, the chief minister said beyond the opinion of state Advocate General, the DG, forests in New Delhi has offered to discuss the issue and ‘we can seek more clarifications’.

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