Iangrai hints at fake encounters in Fullmoon, Cherish and PG Marbaniang cases

Shillong,Feb 14: Police official Gabriel Iangrai hinted at fake encounters in the state.

Iangrai was released from the Shillong jail  on Tuesday afternoon only to be rearrested later in connection with a third case.


Soon after his release, he spoke to reporters about how he was made a victim by the police hierarchy

Hee wanted the Khaki men to stop harassing his family members and asserted that he is a victim of high level Khaki vendetta politics.

He said, “I am willing to sacrifice my life for my family and not scared of any attempt to plug similar module operandi of late Fullmoon Dhar, late Cherishstarfield field Thangkhiew, late PJ Marbaniang and a host of other gory stories which the police department are hiding which are still mystery and for which true answers are yet to be revealed.”

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