JETS 24/7, a bike taxi initiative launched

Shillong, Aug 19: The Jaiaw Ehrngiew Transport Society (JETS 24/7) will operate bike taxis in the city.

Electric bike-taxis and auto rickshaws will be pressed into service initially as it will take time to get registration for petrol-run vehicles.


Pynskhemlang Uria, the managing director of JETS 24, said the initiative will provide job and business opportunities.

Over 100 youths have already applied for jobs under JETS 24/7.

The proposed fare is Rs 10 for the first kilometre and Rs 5 for subsequent kilometres There will be a holding charge of Rs 4 for every 5 minutes.

The cabinet had on July 20 approved the Meghalaya Taxi Aggregator Operational Rules to regulate the two-wheeler taxi aggregators.

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