Joint report on West Khasi Hills: 32 villages out of 34 want to be in Meghalaya

Shillong, Jan 19: The joint inspection report of Assam and Meghalaya on three disputed sectors (areas of difference) of West Khasi Hills pointed out that 32 out of 34 villages want to be in Meghalaya.

The fourth Langpih sector was not included as this will be taken up in the second phase for discussion.

Cabinet minister Renikton Lyngdoh Tongkhar is heading the West Khasi Hills border committee while Assam’s Kamrup border committee is led by minister Atul Bora.

Acvording to the report, a copy of which is available here, the villages under Tarabari sector willing to be included under Meghalaya are Mallang Salbari, Upper Tarabari/Walkam, Nam Tarabari/Balsrik, Watre Rongchong, Borsum, Garojan, Damrang/Damgrangkona, Rangkhat, Thangkola, Chiginde, Doini/Charadonu, Dapbolpara, Balkam, Malanjoypur and Huhuapara.

Under Gizang sector, the villages longing to be under Meghalaya are Amagoan, Gohanimara, Malchapara, Salbari and Dobakdrop.

Under Hahim sector, Rongtali, Ranighat, Athiabari, Lejadubi, Malang Siminaguri, Mathaputa/Umshiak, Maspira, Moipara, Malapara/Nalapara, Simrang/Salpara, Simrang(Umsaitwait) and Thamanaguri want to be in Meghalaya

Hahim proper and Thutiapara/Thutia Bazar  wish to be in Assam.

Garo population is predominant in all the 34 villages.

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