March 2 Coming to have Long & Lasting effect

Shillong, March 1: For Adam Kid, it was not a child’s play as he took on Billykid. They are rival candidates from the same North Tura constituency waiting for the result.

Champion Sangma from Songsak and Novemberth Marak from Chokpot have one thing in common beyond their names; they are former militants.


Salmanpara was lucky to witness the fight between Boston and Ianbotham.

While Premananda was happy to contest from Ampati, Zenith (Rangsakona) was not behind .

Mighter Marwein from Mawshynrut and Sounder Cajee from Mawkyrwat do not require any introduction. It is yet to be known whether  Medalsing, also from Mawkyrwat, got any medal like the first time voters. But he will know it on March 2.

Methodius Dkhar from Mawshynrut and Process Sawkmie from Mawlai are not neighbours but their names need not be explained. The same is with Goldenstar (Rambrai Jyrngam) and Polestar ( Nongstoin)

Fourteenson( Mawthadraishan) and Hamletson (Mylliem) have some similarities though they are not related, while Firstborn (Amlarem) Mayborn ( Pynthorumkhrah) and Wellborn (Shella) are from distant constituencies.

Counsellor from Mawkynriew and Forcaster( Jirang) have difficult task while Moonlight (Jowai) Sunmoon(Jirang) and Sunshine (Umsning) are not different.

While in Shella, Playness and Grace among others were in fray, Himalaya fought in the border constituency of Mawsynram.

Ardent from Nongkrem and Ernest from West Shillong are synonymous with their zeal.

Romeo (East Shillong) added romanticism to the polls and Ransom (North Shillong) some controversies.

While Heavingstone and Highlander- contestants from Mawryngkneng hope to heave a sigh of relief on Thursday, Generous (Nartiang) and Auspicious ( Mawphlang) are anxious.

March 2 Coming (Raliang) to have Long  (Nongpoh) and Lasting (Mowkaiaw) effect.

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