MCTA to continue strike as NEHU VC refuses to withdraw NEP notification

Shillong, Sept 11: The talks of NEHU VC with  Meghalaya College Teachers’ Association (MCTA) failed on Monday with the latter deciding to continue with the non-cooperation movement as the decision on NEP did not have the approval of the academic council.
The decision was following the refusal on the part of the NEHU VC PS Shukla to revoke the defective July 12 notification, which directed all affiliated colleges to implement the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.
The meeting with MCTA delegation went on for three hours.
MCTA general secretary Airpeace W Rani told reporters that the VC admitted that there was a technical flaw regarding the July 12 notification and hence the delegation reminded the vice chancellor about the July 21letter of MCTA requesting him to withdraw the notification.
“But the vice chancellor has refused to withdraw the notification but only agreed to place it before the next Academic Council for rectification,” Rani said.
“Therefore we told the VC , if you don’t withdraw the notification, how do you expect us to withdraw the non-cooperation movement”, Rani said.
According to Rani, it was a blatant lie when the notification claimed that the NEP will be implemented in compliance with the decision taken by the 110th Academic Council.
“When we asked whether they will withdraw the notification, the VC responded that they will not withdraw since majority of the colleges have gone ahead with the implementation of the new courses under the NEP and that till date not a single principal had come forward to give a representation that they cannot implement the new degree courses,” he said.
“Therefore, we said since the notification was not approved by the academic council, it is illegal and we want him to withdraw and if he fails to do so, we cannot withdraw the ongoing non-cooperation movement as we cannot comply with something which is illegitimate,” he said.
The VC admitted that there are academic related problems while implementing the NEP and added that all these can be improved in the coming days, Rani said.

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