MDA partners have more questions than answers on roster

Shillong, May 18: The MDA partners have more questions than answers on roster system.

The meeting of the MDA members was held on Thursday to discuss on roster based on the reservation policy.


Breifing reporters after the meeting, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma admitted that the leaders, who are part of MDA, have a lot of questions and they sought more time to understand the matter.

“The MDA partners have noted the points, they have understood, they have appreciated the different points we have made, they have still a lot of doubts as I said I tried to explain some points as you can understand it is complicated so it is more complicated than what I told you just now. So there are many scenarios which will develop through that, many complications, so all those things were explained to them so whatever they could grasp at that point in time I am sure they have found it satisfactoryā€¯, Conrad said.

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