Media, civil society groups & citizens condemn FKJGP violence

Shillong, Oct 28: Several groups and individuals condemned the violence at the FKJGP rally on Friday and attack on journalists.

The Meghalaya Editors’ and Publishers’ Association (MEPA) and the Shillong Press Club issued statements condemning the “deplorable” behaviour of a group of youths.


“The fact that the group of youths did not spare the two journalists even after they have identified themselves as journalists is something that is uncalled for and deplorable. MEPA, therefore, urges the organisers of the rally to immediately identify the persons involved in the incident and take them to task as per law and also to apologise to the two journalists for the highhandedness meted out to them,” said MEPA president R Monarch Shabong.

The press club statement urged FKJGP members to desist from such unruly behaviour.

“The Shillong Press Club urges the civil administration and police to treat this incident with utmost seriousness and deal with it in accordance with the law,” it added.

In a separate statement, Avner M. Pariat, the MLA candidate from East Shillong, strongly condemned the “senseless attacks on innocent people”.

“This is not the first time. This will not be the last time. While we have government officials and MLAs who are extremely selfish and egocentric and apathetic to change, these outfits will mushroom out of the dirt every day and will make the life of the common citizen hard and difficult,” he said.

“I feel strongly that we must demand complete stoppage of contract work/ infrastructure projects to those pressure group leaders who continue to incite violence and conflict within our society,” Pariat added.

A strong condemnation message was also issued by TUR and KAM against the “targeted violence and mob chaos”.

“These acts of cowardice are unacceptable. The violence not only harmed those attacked but put the citizens and passers-by, including children and women, in harm’s way. It is also shocking that there was hardly any police presence all along the route and no action was taken even though the violence occurred while the rally was moving towards Fire Brigade ground. These perpetrators should have been caught and immediately apprehended and not allowed to proceed further,” TUR said in a statement.

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