MeECL disconnects power supply of illegal settlers at Iewduh

Shillong, Apr 26: The Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL) has disconnected power lines of over 100 households of ‘illegal settlers’, who are residing in a plot of land belonging to the Shillong Cantonment Board (SCB).

The power theft by the settlers was detected after a spot inspection by the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) on Thursday.


The settlers are within the jurisdiction of the Board opposite the Fire and Emergency Station, Iewduh (Bara Bazar), Shillong.

Officials of the MeECL along with police in the presence of HYC members disconnected and seized all power cables from the area.

During the inspection, the HYC found that about 80-100 households were staying  constructing huts made of plastics and other scrap materials.

Earlier in the day, a memorandum was submitted by the delegation of the HYC to the cantonment chief executive officer (CEO) during a meeting.

“We met the CEO with a demand that prompt action be taken to evict these illegal settlers and demolish the settlement by the board,” HYC president Roykupar Synrem told reporters after the meeting.

He, however said, “During the meeting, the CEO informed us that the particular plot of land although it falls under the SCB, the authority which looks after this land is the defence establishment officer, whose main office is located in Guwahati. The CEO has also informed us that there is a litigation going on with this particular plot of land but then he doesn’t know the exact status of the case.”

“Accordingly, we have requested the CEO to reply to our letter on what steps need to be taken henceforth so that we will know whom to approach and he has assured us that he will reply to our letter. Based on his reply, HYC will take necessary steps to ensure that these illegal settlers are evicted at the earliest possible,” Synrem said.

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