Meghalaya is not a Christian state like India is not a Hindu country :VPP chief

Shillong, Sept 27: The Voice of the People Party (VPP) president Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit said on Tuesday that it is  unconstitutional to state that Meghalaya is a Christian state or that India is a Hindu country.

He was reacting to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat who said on Sunday that all people living in India are Hindus.


“As Christian myself, I never claimed that Meghalaya is a Christian state, because faith or religion is personal, and has nothing to do with the state or a community,” he said.

According to Basaiawmoit, there should not be any division in the society in the name of religion.

“Let us oppose any attempt to create division in the society, in the name of religion. Let us not look at each other through the prism of religion, and instead strive to maintain the unity of this great country,” the former  Nongkrem MLA said.

Christianity targeted 

“The statement made by RSS that we are all Hindus, since we are together in Bharat is more than meets the eye. One should be able to read between the lines, what this statement actually means? If one tries to properly analyse the statement, one would conclude that his statement is directed at Christianity,” Basaiawmiot said.

“Firstly, he wants to say that the indigenous tribals of the state were originally Hindus, but were converted to Christianity. Secondly, he is also trying to create a division among the indigenous people by his statement. Thirdly, he also tries to convince the indigenous people of the state that their traditional faith is no different from Hindu religion,” he said.

Basaiawmoit said Bhagwat’s statement cannot be taken lightly and added, “It is incumbent upon the indigenous people to be very careful and alert, and not to be misled by such baseless and unfounded statements.”

He said it must be remembered that even before the advent of Christianity, the indigenous people practiced their traditional faith which is very different from Hindu religion.

The indigenous tribes worship a living god, and are not idol worshippers. Therefore, indigenous tribal religion cannot be compared to Hinduism by any stretch of imagination, he added.

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