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Nails take the most hit during the rains. The season of monsoon calls for special care for nails to avoid damage due to red, swollen and itchy skin around them. The skin becomes sweaty or infected due to overexposure to water as a result of which both fingernails and toenails get affected by the rains.


The season of monsoon calls for special care of nails to avoid infection and chipping. The monsoon can lead to rough, brittle and discoloured nails.

Since we are all homebound since last over five months, trying out new nail colours and designs are something that just makes you feel groomed and uplifted in this gloomy and subdued atmosphere.

Well-kept nails are a part of our presentation and looks. Be it any occasion, we all know how essential it is to maintain them.

Painting your nails is like therapy. When your nails are groomed, you automatically get a dose of colour therapy that is just great for your mood.

Try to keep your nails dry with extra care, especially your toes. You may opt for open shoes to avoid fungal or bacterial infection due to moist and damp environment. This can result in dead skin cells and bacteria.

Avoid wearing leather, plastic or canvas shoes. Do not wear the same shoes every day. It is better to have an alternate pair of shoes. Wash your footwear regularly. Desist from sitting in wet footwear and socks all through the day. Try to bear waterproof footwear to allow air circulation. Your nail health is important during the rainy season. Refrain from growing your toenails long. Wash and clean dirt from under the nails as also the edges.

Cut your toe nails short to avoid any chances of accumulating dirt and other infections. Try to spray deodorants / talcum /anti-fungal powder in between toe nails regularly at least once a day to prevent infection.

During the hot and humid season, we go for light, serene, pastel colours for our clothes. The same goes for nails too. We can select colours that are icy, cool and trendy. The way to protect the nails and keep them looking good is to give them regular care. There is no point wearing a glamorous outfit if the feet and toe nails show neglect and lack of care. Chipped nails and chipped nail polish can really spoil the entire effect.

You need to be careful while choosing a nail polish. While wearing nail polish does not harm your healthy nails but typical nail polish is filled with toxic chemicals such as paraben, diethyl phthalates and dibutyl phthalate, which cause nail brittleness, dryness, and thinning and are bad for the skin surrounding it. Always prefer water-based polishes that don’t last as long but are the safest option out there.

Choose natural and chemical-free nail paints that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Avoid eating with hands that have paint on its nails as bits of the nail paint can chip and fall into the food, which will eventually go inside your body and cause harm.

Pick a nail colour remover that contains vitamins A, C and E to treat conditions that adversely affect nails and cuticles.

The cuticle (skin surrounding the nail) should be kept soft and smooth. Otherwise, it sticks to the nail and gets dragged as the nail grows.

Protection of nails is so important, especially during the monsoon when fungal infection can set in. Detergents can also lead to itchy conditions. Wear rubber gloves for your washing chores. It not only protects your polish but keeps anything harsh or drying in your cleaning solutions off your hand.

Massage a cream after your washing tasks, working it into the skin. This takes only a few minutes. Massage cream on the nails and the skin around the nails.

Choose from a range of hand creams, cuticle oil/creams to moisturise them regularly to make them strong, shiny and healthy. I will recommend putting coconut oil around the cuticles daily to moisturise your nails.

Regular handwashing or use of hand sanitiser can dry out the skin and nail bed quickly, so try to moisturise after every wash, if possible. Coconut oil is excellent for rubbing into your nails and cuticles.

It is advised to wash the hands with lukewarm water to help keep the hands and nails soft and smooth.

Keep a travel-size hand cream enriched with fruit extracts or cuticle oil bottle at every sink in your home.

Apply warm almond oil with a cotton bud gently pushing them back. Use a cotton bud to clean beneath the nails too. Avoid cutting cuticles and using metal instruments. Apply almond oil or olive oil on the nails and hands. Apply nail varnish, using smooth strokes, from the base of the nails to the tip. First apply one coat of colour on all the nails. Wait for it to dry and then apply the second coat of colour.

As far as nail colours are concerned, pink is ideal for hot and humid weather. Shimmer is very much in, so go for silver shimmer for the day and gold for the night. Lately dark colours have been in, like bright blue or green, but I feel that subtle colours are more suitable for a warm monsoon. You can also go for icy colours like pink or mauve. Or, go for shades of brown, like coffee, bronze, copper, or sea shell and then add on glitter.

Classic Blue is the colour of 2020, so is also be for the nails. For a gala evening, go for gold or silver varnish, or try one of those colours with glittering stars. These come in different colours, with gold or silver stars. As part of nail design, nail varnish can be applied in unusual colours like green, blue or purple. Or, use different colours for each nail.

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