NEHU pays tribute to U Kiang Nangbah

Shillong, Dec 30: The North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) has commemorated the legacy of freedom fighter Kiang Nangbah on Friday. The event held on the university premises, witnessed tributes led by Prof. Prabha Shankar Shukla, the Vice-Chancellor of NEHU.
Shukla, accompanied by university members, laid a wreath on the portrait of U Kiang Nangbah, symbolizing respect and gratitude for the sacrifices made by the valiant freedom fighter. The event drew participation from NEHU’s teachers, staff, and students, reflecting a collective acknowledgment of the historical significance.
Following the wreath-laying ceremony, a gathering ensued where Prof. R. L. Nongkhlaw, the Dean of Students Welfare, delivered a poignant speech. Prof. Nongkhlaw shared insights into U Kiang Nangbah’s life and struggle, emphasizing the importance of remembering and honouring local heroes. He announced the university’s initiative, with student involvement, to install statues of freedom fighters from Meghalaya, a commendable effort in preserving the state’s rich history.
Expressing gratitude to Prof. Shukla for spearheading the tradition, Prof. Nongkhlaw conveyed his appreciation for NEHU’s commitment to paying respects to the courageous individuals who played pivotal roles in India’s fight for freedom.
Shukla underscored his dedication to preserving the cultural heritage of Meghalaya during his tenure as Vice-Chancellor. He emphasized the significance of educating the youth about the sacrifices made by these heroes, attributing our current freedom to their unwavering commitment.
Shukla expressed his hope that NEHU would continue this tradition beyond his tenure, fostering a legacy of remembrance and reverence for the local heroes who laid down their lives for the nation.
The event served as a reminder of the valour and sacrifices embedded in the history of Meghalaya, as NEHU continues to uphold its commitment to honouring the legacy of freedom fighters.

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