NGO opposes construction of university in JH by Assam

Shillong, June 3:  The Hynniewtrep  Integrated Territorial Organisation,Jaintia Hills has sought the intervention of  Chief Minister Conrad Sangma regarding  the proposed construction of university by the Assam government at Lum Siatmuid Khanduli, West Jaintia Hills.

In a letter addressed to the chief minister on Thursday, the HITO said that  on May 31, a group of people’s representatives from Assam under the instruction of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Chief Executive Member , Tuliram Ronghang accompanied by KACC MACs  RinaTerangpi,, Pawan Kumar and Headsing Rongphar VC HMB and others inspected the land at Lum Siatmuid Khanduli, West Jaintia Hills for the proposed construction of a university by the Assam government without intimation to Meghalaya government and the District Administration of West Jaintia Hills district.


According to HITO, the land belongs to Meghalaya since the particular area where the proposed construction site was under the purview of the Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council jurisdiction and it was also a known fact that the JHADC in recent years  auctioned the pine trees grown at the particular area which were planted and maintained by JHADC itself.

The HITO said it is a concern that the proposed construction of the university is encroachment of land by the Assam government of not less than three kilometers from the actual border.

“Therefore, we urge the government of Meghalaya through you to act on the matter at the earliest to avoid any unexpected incident and circumstances”, the organization said.


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