No support to MDA-2; KHADC different from Assembly: Ronnie Lyngdoh

Shillong, June 19: The Congress MDC of KHADC, Ronnie Lyngdoh, who is also the Opposition Leader in the Assembly, ruled out supporting the MDA-2 government though it joined with the NPP in KHADC to oust the Executive Committee(EC) led by the UDP.

According to Ronnie, the Congress does not want Governor to rule the KHADC as the Executive Committee will have to give views on the matters related to the amendment to the sixth schedule pending in Parliament.


“If there is no EC, we can’t take decisions pertaining to the amendment”, he said, adding that the role of the Congress was to ensure stability.

Support unconditional

When asked whether the Congress MDCs will be part of the new EC, Ronnie said the support to NPP in KHADC is unconditional.

“We have not put any conditions to support the NPP in KHADC”, he said.

He also ruled out merger of the Congress MDCs with the NPP in KHADC.

“We are a national party and supporting the NPP in KHADC has nothing to do with change of stand of the Congress in the Assembly where the party is in the Opposition”,  Ronnie said.

Ronnie was appointed as the Leader of Opposition by the Assembly Speaker recently ignoring the senior MLA Mukul Sangma of the TMC.

‘We are not privy to charges against CEM’ 

On the criticism against the CEM by the NPP on his style and functioning, Ronnie said the Congress with just 6 MDCs out of 30 member- House was in the Opposition in KHADC and the allegations and counter allegations are among the ruling coalition members in the council.

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