Nongstoin teen bags 3 gold medals in Callisthenics

Mebanrilang Lyngdoh Marshillong eyes national & international championships

Tura, Jan 18: In the heart of Nongstoin, a hidden gem was discovered in the form of Mebanrilang Lyngdoh Marshillong, a 17-year-old young individual who stumbled upon his love for Callisthenics (an artistic sport that combines dancing, gymnastics, ballet and apparatus work) through online videos.

With very little technical knowledge, he garnered attention for his outstanding abilities, leading to an invitation from the Meghalaya Gymnastics Association to join its ranks for advanced training. Little did he know that this newfound passion would not only transform his life but also bring glory to the entire community. At the ongoing 5th Meghalaya Games in Tura, Meban wowed the audience with three gold medals.


Mebanrilang’s journey began with humble practice sessions with friends, documented and shared on platforms like Instagram. The digital era played a pivotal role in making this talent attract the eye of none other than the Meghalaya Gymnastics Association.

Recognising Meban’s potential, the Association took him into its fold. In just three months of intensive training and preparation, Mebanrilang underwent a remarkable transformation – evolving from a small-town enthusiast to the overall champion of the prestigious 5th Meghalaya Games.

His golden triumphs in the Men’s Open Category, Vaulting Table, and Floor Exercise at the Meghalaya Games were not just personal victories but a testament to the synergy of talent and dedication.

Understanding the importance of nurturing budding talent, the Gymnastic Association sought the expertise of a seasoned coach from Assam. Over a 30-day training period, the coach witnessed first-hand the extraordinary potential and eagerness to learn displayed by Meghalaya’s emerging athletes.

However, Meban’s ambitions extend beyond local triumphs. With a vision set on the national and international stages, he aspires to elevate Callisthenics to new heights in Meghalaya.

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