Opp questions facilities provided to retired Chief Justices & Justices

Shillong, Feb 21: The Opposition on Wednesday questioned facilities provided to chief justices and justices.

In reply, Law Minister Ampareen Lyngdoh said the facilities were provided as per the guidelines.


She said the secretarial assistance and domestic help allowances for Chief Justice is Rs 50,000 and for a Judge it is Rs 40,000.

Besides, full medical re-imbursement is provided as applicable to the sitting Judges under the Meghalaya Medical Attendance Rules 2021 in all empanelled hospitals.

During the Question Hour on Wednesday, Congress legislator Celestine Lyngdoh wanted to know whether the judges with 3 months left for service will be extended with the same facilities and the reply was that these facilities are extended.

The MLA asked the government whether the same facilities are being provided by other states and is it mandatory. The reply was yes.

Both Celestine and Charles Pyngrope (TMC) pointed out that in Meghalaya Houses outside the state, the retired judges are given preference affecting others including MLAs who seek accommodation.

Celestine added that the reason for asking the question is because whenever they go to the Meghalaya Houses, they are always told that so and so rooms are booked for retired judges.

Questioning whether the retired chief justices and judges are VVIPs, he suggested the need to review the facilities provided to the retired judges.

“It would be a burden for a small state like Meghalaya if it has to provide same facilities to even judges with three months left for service while serving in the High Court of Meghalaya”, he added.

According to the minister, all these facilities accorded to chief justices and judges are mandated by Act of Parliament.

“We are committed to these obligations and also several orders of supreme courts have recommended for these facilities and it is a gesture of the state government and we are mandated to maintain the status of the judges”, the minister added.

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