Opp raises corruption allegations by PM & HM but Conrad downplays it as MDA came out of poll Agnipareeksha

Shillong, March 21: The Opposition on Tuesday wanted a response from Chief Minister Conrad Sangma on the allegation raised by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah that Meghalaya is a corrupt state.

However, the chief minister downplayed the allegations by saying that during elections, every party hurls abuses and accusations against others and added that the visit of Prime Minister and Union Home Minister to witness the swearing-in ceremony tells a different tale.


VPP MLA Adelbert Nongrum raised a short duration discussion on the charges of corruption against Meghalaya by the Centre.

Quoting the Prime Minister who visited the state during the Assembly polls, Nongrum said that Meghalaya had received good fund allocation but no money was spent . Where did the money go . There is corruption and nepotism, Nongrum said quoting the PM.

Nongrum also said the union home minister had described Meghalaya as the most corrupt state in the country while addressing supporters in Dalu and Rangsakona.

The home minister had said that the Centre had given fund for supply of drinking water but the money has disappeared.

TMC MLA Mukul Sangma said corruption is deadlier than militancy and the Centre’s stand is that Meghalaya has become infamous for corruption.

Mukul said the aggregate commercial and technical losses of MeECL is 60 per cent and this also shows the extent of corruption.

In reply, the chief minister said the views expressed by the Prime Minister and Home Minister are election statements.

“Many speeches are given during elections but now the MDA government is working together, the fact that PM and HM came together to witness the government formation speaks volumes about their confidence in the government”, he said.

“We said what we have to say during elections. Many of our coalition partners too said so many things against us and we against them. But people have given their verdict and they expect us to be responsible”.

Conrad compared the Assembly polls to Agnipareeksha (trial by fire).

“People democratically voted for the MDA partners… People have expressed their  confidence. It is time to work together as a team, the opposition and everyone together”, he said.

“We will have differences. criticism should be  done in a postive manner. Let us act responsibly”, the chief minister said.

Clarifying on drinking water issue, Conrad said the Centre had already given a certificate that Meghalaya is performing well.

On the aggregate commercial and technical losses of MeECL, the chief minister said it is not at 60 per cent as stated by the TMC MLA.

He said the loss in 2019.-20 was 35 oer cent, whereas it was 31 per cent in 2020-.21 and 30.8 per cent in  2021-22.

Nongrum, who moved the debate, said “keep on fooling people every five years”.

He also wondered as to whether such adverse statements against the state will be made by leaders like PM and Home Minister without any basis.

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