Padma Bridge opens to traffic in Bangladesh

Dhaka, June 26 (UNI): The much-awaited Padma Bridge connecting India and Bangladesh was opened for vehicular movement at 6 am on Sunday.

On the first day, hundreds of vehicles were seen waiting to cross the multipurpose bridge. A total of 14 booths have been set up to collect tolls in manual system.


A motorcyclist will have to pay Tk100 to cross the bridge, while the toll is Tk2,400 for a bus and Tk2,800 for a medium-sized truck. The rate has been set at Tk1,600 for a mini truck (up to five tonnes); Tk2,100 for a medium truck (5-8 tonnes); Tk2,800 for a medium truck (8-11 tonnes); Tk5,500 for truck (up to three axle) and Tk6,000 for trailer (up to four axles).

An additional Tk1,500 will be charged for each axle for a trailer larger than four axles. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina unveiled the plaque of the 6.15 km Padma Bridge at Mawa end in Munsiganj at a colourful ceremony on Saturday noon. The PM became the first person to cross the Padma Bridge by paying toll.

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