PM interacts with city woman KPO employee

Shillong, July 2: Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with eight persons in the country, including Wandamaphi Syiemlieh from Shillong, who benefitted from the Digital India Programme launched on July 1, 2015.

Syiemlieh works with a Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) company called S10 Healthcare Solutions which is based in Dhankheti.


She initially worked for the company in Chennai.

However, as her organisation received incentives from the North East BPO scheme under Digital India programme, the company opened a branch in Shillong. As a result she was able to return and work from the comfort of her hometown.

Syiemlieh works as a medical scribe called physician’s angel in medical terminology.

She is assigned to a doctor in the United States of America. Her job is to help the doctor in the US to fill the charts and other mandatory documents.

While the doctor examines a patient in the US, she simultaneously documents the transaction from Shillong and fills in the charts on a real-time basis. Her online document is simultaneously visible to the doctor on his computer screen in the US. Her assistance enables the doctor to complete the mandatory documentation and necessary prescriptions effortlessly and on time.

The NE BPO scheme of the Centre is aimed at boosting the KPO presence in Meghalaya and other NE states.

The Information Technology & Communications Department is also setting up the Shillong Tech Park which can accommodate the KPO companies in Shillong. It has a capacity of around 1500 seats.

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