Prisoner vanishes after washing ambulance & plucking squash

Shillong,June 22: Alleged negligence of the  driver of an ambulance at Jowai prison has led to the escape of the convicted prisoner Shiningstar Pala, on Wednesday afternoon.

Pala was recently convicted for murdering his brother-in-law in July 2018.


An official said that Pala was taken out by the driver to wash the ambulance stationed at the jail. This was against the instruction given earlier not to take out the prisoners without getting  permission from the superintendent of jail.

The ambulance is used to carry sick prisoners to hospital.

The official added that after the completion of  washing, the convict was not taken back but instead he was asked by the driver to pluck squash (piskot).

The exit of the prisoner was not from the front gate as he took advantage of the damaged portion of the boundary wall on the other side.

Another lapse is that the authorities failed to repair the collapsed boundary wall.

Earlier, Pala had escaped from custody once  before admitting him in jail.

In January 2021, two prisoners, Small Phawa who was convicted of POCSO and Kwall Laloo for homicide had escaped from jail after they were taken to Jowai Civil Hospital.

They are yet to be traced.

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