Psychotherapeutic professionals seek info on workers’ rights  

Shillong, July 5: The trained psychotherapeutic professionals of Meghalaya have said that on June 2, they had sent via email a letter and a set of questionnaire to the Deputy Chief minister, in-charge Labour Department, Prestone Tynsong on the question of workers’ rights in Meghalaya and the procedure to ensure enforcement of such right.

It was also sent via email to HDB Sangma, Labour Commissioner  and to the office of the Commissioner of Labour, Lower Lachaumiere at their respective email addresses.


However, the professionals said even after more than a month, they are yet to receive any response from any of the departments.

“We had hoped that as public offices they would respond to queries sent by the public on important information that concerns the public but it seems that until and unless one uses the force of law and approach the government via confrontational methods, information sought will not be answered,” they said,

The letter and questionnaire were not to belittle anyone but to give  information that can help all frontline workers as the information that people have right now on workers’ rights are very vague and does not suggest any steps to address the grievances.

However, considering the situation in society, they decided to resend the questionnaire which consists of very basic questions in laymen’s terms and they have also divided the questionnaire separately and will be sending to the labour minister and to the office of the labour commissioner in their respective emails separately.

“We hope that a response will be made and that peoples’ notion that the public cannot ask questions from public offices will be made untrue. After all, public representatives and public employees are there to serve the public interests,” they said.

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