Relatives say they are not allowed to see body of miner  

Shillong, June 20: The relatives have expressed concern over the authorities not allowing them to see the retrieved body of the miner.

They received only the photograph of the miner.


Fukrul Islam Barbhuiyan, brother of Anwarul, one of the trapped miners, said he and his uncle were at the accident site on the day the first body was recovered. “But the authorities did not allow us to see the body. Instead, we were shown the photo of the body on mobile phone. From what we could understand, it was not my brother’s body. But we do not understand why we are not allowed to see the body,” the brother complained.

Fukrul said the recovered body is in “a civil hospital”. The body is kept in Khliehriat Civil Hospital.

On the other hand, Muslimuddin, the brother of another trapped miner Abdul Sukkur, sounded worried about the delay in the search operation. “Why are they taking so long? Why are they not allowing relatives near the site? Will they even recover the bodies,” said a hapless Muslimuddin on phone from Assam.

However, when contacted, East Jaintia Hills Deputy Commissioner E. Kharmalki said that the district administration is ready to assist the families of the trapped miners. “No complaints have come to me and if there are issues, they can always approach us”, he said.


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