Removal of BJP Dalu mandal chief irks party members

Shillong, Aug 3: The sudden nomination of Minath Ch Sangma as BJP Dalu  Mandal President without terminating the service of existing Mandal president Bhabani Koch has shocked the BJP members of Dalu mandal.

The nomination was carried out by the state president, Earnest Mawrie on July 26, without any reason and consultations.


They termed the act as undemocratic, unconstitutional and illegal and added that the party president by acting in dictatorial manner misused his power which is detrimental to the party.

They wanted to know from the president the reason for the removal of Koch.

Earlier, Mawrie removed Pramod Koch MDC from the post of state president , Kisan Morcha without any reason and without any prior intimation to him.

“Should the members feel that the president Mawrie is anti-Koch”, they asked.

Bhabani Koch was an elected Mandal president of Dalu to serve from July 15, 2020 till 2023 after getting support from the BJP primary members and active members as per the rules of the constitution of BJP.

Being active, under his leadership, the BJP won Barengapara (Dalu) seat in the last GHADC election. Pramod Koch was elected as assured by Bhabani Koch, who was determined to ensure the victory of the party candidate in the assembly election in 2023.

The aggrieved party workers said instead of encouraging him, it was unfortunate that Bhabani Koch was removed.

They said If Mawrie doesn’t revoke his order, then the BJP will lose Dalu seat in 2023.

Hence, the BJP members of Dalu mandal  has urged Mawrie to revoke his order and reinstate Bhabani Koch for the interest of the party or else, they will be compelled to resort mass resignation as they feel that there is no use to work under such a president who is leading the party to ruin.

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