Revoke environmental clearance to Star Cement, STIEH tells Centre

Shillong, July 1:  The Saindur Tipkur – Tipkha Ieng Ehrngiew Hynniewtrep (STIEH) wanted revocation of the environmental clearance (EC) granted to the Star Cement Meghalaya Ltd for expansion of its limestone mining project at Brishyrnot in East Jaintia Hills district.

The women’s organisation sent a letter to the Director Impact Assessment Division, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) on Thursday in this regard.


The president of the STIEH, Deiwi Tongper said in the letter, “(We) request and appeal to your esteemed office to intervene and revoke the EC given to M/s Star Cement Meghalaya Ltd in the interest of livelihood and betterment of our people and the environment.”

Tongper said the EC was granted for the mining lease of limestone and shale in 42.051 Ha of land of Brishyrnot without any public consultation or public hearing and despite stiff opposition by majority of the people of elaka Narpuh and Jaintia Hills .

She said the proposed quarrying is located near Narpuh Wildlife Sanctuary adding that it is also surrounded by three famous rivers – Wah Lukha, Wah Lunar and Umso Nalla – which stand as the main sources of livelihood for local fisherman in the area.

The STIEH leader alleged the state government and the district administration of sending false data to the MoEF&CC which is injustice, arbitrary and undemocratic.

She also added that 280 signatories or people do not have any right to decide the future, life and livelihood of thousands and lakhs of families in the surrounding area of Elaka Narpuh.

“Lukha river has been contaminated and severely hampered and affected aqua habitations, harmful for human use, and environment has been randomly destroyed and deteriorated,” she said.

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