Rs 25 lakh expenditure for miners’ rescue operations

Shillong, July 12: The estimated expenditure for the rescue operations for the trapped miners in East Jaintia Hills is around Rs 25 lakh.

East Jaintia Hills Deputy Commissioner E. Kharmalki  said the expenditure estimated for the operations would come around Rs 25 crore.


This is in addition to the amount to be spent for Navy team for their travel.

The government has suspended the operations on July 7 as the Navy team had to return for other assignments.

Incessant rain that disrupted the rescue operations was another reason for suspending the search.

The government has also withdrawn SDRF and NDRF teams.

Five miners were trapped in Krem Ule mine on May 30 and after many days, the bodies of three workers were recovered and handed over the relatives.

The deputy commissioner said the suspension of operations was conveyed to the relatives.

According to the official, if the relatives insist, the district administration will have no other option than to resume operations and the Navy team will be willing to come if any need arises.

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